• Parking

  • Symbol Facility Name Cost Location
    A Parking Garage $16.00/space/day Adjacent to terminal.
    B Surface Lot $14.00/space/day Adjacent to parking garage.
    C Cell Phone Lot Free Vehicle cannot be left unattended in the Cell Phone Lot.
    D Long Term Lot $10.00/space/day 3/4 mile from terminal on South Hangar Dr. Courtesy shuttle to Main Terminal departs on the quarter hour.
  • Prices are subject to availability of space in each lot. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Disabled Passenger Shuttle Service

    The Disabled Passenger Shuttle Service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to and from the Long Term Lot. Anyone needing the Shuttle service should call Republic Parking at 601-932-6520.

    ARRIVING PASSENGERS (Arriving To Jackson)

    1. Call Republic Parking at 601-932-6520, and request the Disabled Passenger shuttle service.
    2. The Republic Parking Airport Shuttle will meet you at the lower level passenger shuttle stop.
    3. The shuttle driver will take you to your vehicle.


    1. You may park in one of the reserved Disabled Parking spaces.
    2. You may experience a 15 minute wait or call 601 932-6520 for immediate shuttle service.
    3. The shuttle driver will take you to the lower level of the terminal.